3D Maze is World 10-5 in Story Mode in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Description Edit

A giant rotating mass of protruding platforms serves as a 3-dimensional maze. It rotates clockwise for a few seconds. Then it rotates counterclockwise for another few seconds before repeating the cycle. The goal is on a cube platform behind the maze, and there are 2 banana bunches next to the goal.

Goals Edit

There is only one goal, the blue goal. The maze will start spinning clockwise. Roll onto the left of the first section that becomes level with the starting area. Go to the left of the surface with the mesh-like network. Wait for the maze to rotate some more, and then roll down the mesh surface onto the next area with green tiles. You will see a small gap that splits the section. Go to the left of the gap, and wait behind the right side of the next mesh surface you come across. The maze will now rotate counterclockwise. When the mesh surface becomes flat, roll onto the goal platform.

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