A-Baby is an alternate version of Baby featured in Super Monkey Ball 3D. According to his bio in Monkey Race, he is an agent.

Character Description Edit

Super Monkey Ball 3D In game: The top agent of a secret organization. The red flower on his chest is the source of his power. It lets him walk or run to wherever he is needed.

A-Baby's artwork.

To UnlockEdit

Monkey Race - Complete the Sky-Way Grand Prix and come in 2nd place.

Monkey Fight - Finish the Countdown series and come in 1st place.

Monkey Fight StatisticsEdit

The following are A-Baby's statistics in Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight. Note that he wears a black version of Baby's robot suit.

Power: 2

Speed: 4

Jump: 4

Special AttackEdit

A-Baby's special attack is called UFO Beam. In it, he calls for a UFO, which then releases a large beam going down.


This black machine is cutting edge!

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