Beginner Extra 3 / Advanced Extra 4 /
Expert Extra 8

HNI 0056

Difficulty Groups
Time Limit
Banana Count
Next Stage
Extra 5 (Advanced)
Extra 9 (Expert
Previous Stage
Extra 2 (Beginner)
Extra 4 (Advanced
Extra 7 (Expert)

Beginner Extra 3, known as AV Logo in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, is a stage in Super Monkey Ball. It is also Advanced Extra 4 and Expert Extra 8.



The Amusement Vision logo, which this floor's shape is based on.

This stage is in the shape of the Amusement Vision logo. The floor constantly tilts back and forth while it is being played. There is a Banana Bunch in the center of the "a" and the goal in between the sides of the "v".

Goal TutorialEdit

The only goal in this level is a Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

Move forward once the floor tilts towards you, then make your way to the back and turn. You will quickly reach the goal, but it's easier said than done!

AV Logo

Animated simulation of the AV Logo (sans the starting platform).

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