The Advanced logo in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Advanced is a difficulty level in the Super Monkey Ball series. It is harder than Beginner but easier than Expert.

Super Monkey BallEdit


The Advanced icon as it appears in Super Monkey Ball

In Super Monkey Ball it had 30 Floors. It also

All Advanced floors of SMB 1

had 5 Extra Floors that can be played by beating the regular floors without using a continue (losing a life in the American version and original arcade release). Floors 1 - 4 are set in the Jungle, 6 - 9 are set in Sky High,

11 - 19 are set in the Monkey Mall, while 21 - 30 are set in Deep Depth Water. Once again, the extra floors are set in Space Colony. The names in brackets are their names in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

Extra StagesEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

These are the Advanced Floors in Super Monkey Ball 2. Floors 1 to 4 is in Jungle Island, 6 to 9 is in the Keekee Island Theme Park, 11 to 19 are in the Under the Ocean area, and 21 to 30 in the Adventure Forest Boiling Pot.

Advanced 2ww

All Advanced stages in SMB 2

  1. Banks
  2. Eaten Floor
  3. Hoppers
  4. Coaster
  5. Board Park (Bonus stage)
  6. Swell
  7. Gravity Slider
  8. Inchworms
  9. Totalitarianism
  10. Leveler (Bonus stage)
  11. Organic Form
  12. Reversible Gear
  13. Stepping Stones
  14. Dribbles
  15. U.R.L.
  16. Mad Rings
  17. Curvy Options
  18. Twister (Twist & Spin in SMBDX PAL version; NSTC has its original name)
  19. Downhill (Cascade in SMBDX)
  20. Rampage (Bonus stage)
  21. Pro Skaters
  22. Giant Comb
  23. Beehive
  24. Dynamic Maze
  25. Triangle Holes
  26. Launchers
  27. Randomizer
  28. Coin Slots
  29. Seesaw Bridges
  30. Arthropod

Extra Stages

  1. Auto Doors
  2. Heavy Sphere
  3. Stagger
  4. U.F.O.
  5. Ring Bridges
  6. Domes
  7. Amida Lot
  8. Long Slider
  9. Grid Bridge
  10. Teapot

Deluxe Feature Edit

11. Jump Ramp

12. Hounds Tooth

13. D.N.A.

14. Building

15. Scrolls

16. Cliff

17. Concentric

18. Stadium

19. Dungeon

60. Paraboloid (Bonus Stage)

70. Spatiotemporal

Extra Stages

11. Chaos

12. Tilt Maze

13. Fractal

14. Pyramids

15. Dodge Maze

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