Advanced Floor 14 or Stoppers is a floor in the Advanced difficulty of Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. In SMB, it is Advanced Floor 14 and in SMBDX, it is Advanced Stage 33.


The floor is mostly flat except for 5 devices each with 6 boxing gloves that say "STOP" on the sides that move when the stage is tilted. The Start is on one side and the Goal is on the other. Two Bananas are to the left of the center device and two are to the right. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe it was renamed to Stoppers and is given a 4 out of 10 difficulty rating.


The movement of the stoppers is affected by the angle the floor is tipped. The best way to navigate through this floor is to go around the stoppers on the edge of the floor while carefully tilting the floor so the stoppers aren't blocking the way of your monkey to the goal. Any sudden movements could cause the stoppers to jerk in front you and possibly causing your monkey to fall out. It is best to just concentrate on the floor movements and getting your monkey to the goal than trying to complete the stage as fast as possible- you will have a better chance at succession.