Advanced Floor 17 (Super Monkey Ball)
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Advanced Floor 17 (Named Exam B and ranked a 4/10 difficulty rating in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is an advanced floor on the city world.


This floor consists of many rectangular platforms connected by narrow bridges. It is is a more difficult variation of Beginner Floor 10 with much longer pathways. In Expert mode, Floor 7 appears as a more difficult variation of this stage. The stage starts off with two long straight paths, followed by an upward sloped bridge, then two short parallel bridges, a downward staircase, and a long curved path to the goal.


Much care is needed when crossing the narrow pathways. It is important to go rather quickly on the straight platforms in order to make it to the goal in time.

Like Beginner 10, the first two bridges can be skipped by turning right at the start, though a higher speed is needed. After passing the two parallel bridges, it is possible to drop down onto the platform with the goal, completely skipping the long curvy bridge.

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