Advanced Floor 26


Time Limit
60 Seconds
Banana Count
Next Stage
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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Name

Advanced Floor 26 is the 26 floor in Advanced in Super Monkey Ball. It has a long straight path going across the stage with six Bananas on it near the end. A giant downward spiral begins to the right of the end of the long straight path. After three complete rotations and one small rotation, the path goes straight but tilts greatly to the right. At the end is the Goal and a Banana Bunch. There is a shortcut allowing the player to skip the spiral by heading to the left early on, aiming for the goal while falling. Starlight Express in Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll is a remake of this stage. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe it was renamed Spiral and is given a 5 out of 10 difficulty rating.