Air Hockey
Difficulty Group
Inside A Whale (Challenge Mode) Space (Story Mode)
Time Limit
Next Stage
Charge (if you reach Expert Extra)
Previous Stage
Twin Basin

Air Hockey is the last Expert Stage on Super Monkey Ball 2 and is also the last stage on Space Colony


Hence the name there are 4 walls that hit the cube with a goal inside it, The walls move on the dark lines in the stage,


As this is the last stage, there is only a Blue Goal

Blue Goal

At the platform, get to the path where the cube is moving, But be careful when trying to reach the goal as you can often fall out instead of reaching the goal, Inside the cube, get in immediately,


With pause buffering, this stage is easy to clear. As soon as the level starts hold up on the Analog Stick, keep going with the direction held and release the stick in neutral position at the exact frame you touch the main platform (that is approximately at 59,36, I have done this and 59,35, and 59,37 seems to work too). If, for whatever reason you mess up your pausing, you will have to reach the goal with the old fashioned way. Chase it and whenever you think it will pass somewhere, just stand still in that place and the goal will reach at you.