Keekee Island, also known as Amusement Park in-game, is an amusement park that Dr. Bad-Boon has a hideout in. It appears in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Story ModeEdit

Keekee Island is World 5 of story mode. By this time, the levels begin to become very difficult. Some of these stages require a lot more skill than the levels before this one.


  1. 5-1 Wormhole
  2. 5-2 Free Fall
  3. 5-3 Melting Pot
  4. 5-4 Mad Shuffle
  5. 5-5 Bead Screen
  6. 5-6 Jump Machine
  7. 5-7 Zigzag Slope
  8. 5-8 Tower
  9. 5-9 Toggle
  10. 5-10 Fluctuation

Purpose in storyEdit

After escaping the whale, Dr. Bad-Boon retreated to his hideout in the park, with the monkeys following. After searching for a while, the monkeys find and enter the hideout, where Bad-Boon shrinks them and takes them to the Adventure Forest.

Challenge ModeEdit

The Keekee Island Amusement Park hosts the second half of the Jungle Island and Volcanic Magma stages in Beginner and Advanced.

Beginner ModeEdit

6. Floaters

7. Slopes

8. Sliders

9. Spinning Top

10. Curve Bridge           Beginner Final Stage

Advanced ModeEdit

6. Swell

7. Gravity Slider

8. Inchworms

9. Totalitarianism


Unlike most stages, there is no entrance to the Digital Void in the stage top. This allows for various stunts to be preformed that cannot be preformed anywhere else.

Some samples on YouTube:
Super High in Inchworms stage - the easiest 1350 mph01:04

Super High in Inchworms stage - the easiest 1350 mph

Super High in Inchworms Stage

4500 mph in Super Monkey Ball 208:26

4500 mph in Super Monkey Ball 2

4500mph into air

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