Inside A Whale (Story Mode)
Boiling Pot (Challenge Mode)
Space Extra (SMBDX Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Dificulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Wormhole (Story Mode)
Auto Doors (if Extra Stages are unlocked)
Previous Stage

Arthropod (World 4-10 or Advanced 30) is the 30th and last level in the Advanced Mode and the 40th level in the game. Arthropod is generally seen as an incredibly difficult level due to strange physics of the feet and intensity of getting into the goal.

Goal TutorialEdit

Blue GoalEdit

The blue goal is attached to the last ring (the one that is farthest away) and is constantly spinning around with the ring. To get to it, run off the edge of the starting platform and control your speed carefully so that you can bounce along the rings. When you reach the last ring, you have to control your speed and stay on top of the ring without getting squashed by the feet. Wait for the goal to come past, then go in.

However, you can also wait until the clock reaches 40 seconds and rush in quickly. Watch out for the legs! You can also drop quickly to the goal, but this is usually only done by expert players.


  • Due to the floor's difficulty, some players believe it should belong in the Expert or Master modes.
  • This is the first floor in Story Mode to have a difficulty of ten.