Beginner is a difficulty level of the Main Game. It is the easiest difficulty level, usually featuring 10 floors.

Super Monkey Ball


The Beginner icon as it appears in Super Monkey Ball

In Super Monkey Ball, it contains ten floors. There are also 3 Extra Floors that can be played if the player didn't use a continue (lose a monkey in the American version and original arcade release).

All Beginner floors of SMB 1

Floors 1-4 are set in the Jungle , Floors 6-10 are set in the Sky High background, and the Extra Floors are set in Starry Night. The names in brackets are their names in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

Extra Stages

Super Monkey Ball 2

Beginner Logo

The Beginner logo in Super Monkey Ball 2.

In Super Monkey Ball 2 there are ten normal floors and 10 extra floors.

Floors 1-4 are set in Jungle Island, while Floors 6-10 are set in the Keekee Island Amusement Park. Extra stages 1-5 are 

set in the Space Colony, while extra stages 6-10 are set inside Dr. Bad-Boon's Base.

Beginner 2

All Beginner stages in SMB2

  1. Simple
  2. Hollow
  3. Bumpy
  4. Switches
  5. Bowl (Bonus Level)
  6. Floaters
  7. Slopes (called 'Tub' in SMBDX)
  8. Sliders
  9. Spinning Top
  10. Curve Bridge

Extra Stages

  1. Conveyers
  2. Bumpy Check
  3. Alternative
  4. Junction
  5. Bead Screen
  6. Fluctuation
  7. Folders
  8. Quick Turn
  9. Linear Seesaws
  10. Birth

Glitch Floor

By preforming a special routine, the player can access Glitch Floor 11.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

This is a list of the Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Beginner levels. There are 40 regular levels, and 20 Extra levels. The Beginner Extra levels are accessed by beating the regular levels without using a continue.


Floors in bold are from Super Monkey Ball. Floors in italics are from Super Monkey Ball 2.

  1. Plain
  2. Diamond
  3. Hairpin
  4. Wide Bridge
  5. Simple
  6. Hollow
  7. Bumpy
  8. Switches
  9. Floaters
  10. Bonus Basic (Bonus)
  11. Edge
  12. Escalators
  13. Serpentine
  14. Swirl
  15. Dormant Pits
  16. Composition
  17. Dynamo
  18. Lunchbox
  19. Gutter
  20. Rising Inclines (Bonus)
  21. Slopes
  22. Steps
  23. Blocks
  24. Jump Single
  25. Exam-A
  26. Tub
  27. Sliders (called 'Windy Slide' in PAL version )
  28. Spinning Top
  29. Curve Bridge
  30. Scabrous
  31. Jolt Channel
  32. Inertial
  33. Octagonal
  34. Sewer
  35. Arc Bridges
  36. Veer Field
  37. Teeter
  38. Stream
  39. Catwalk
  40. Catapult

Extra Levels

  1. Blur Bridge
  2. Hitter
  3. AV Logo
  4. Rhombus
  5. Buoy
  6. Conveyers
  7. Bumpy Check
  8. Alternative
  9. Junction
  10. Bead Screen
  11. Coil Ramp
  12. Millefeuille
  13. Waver
  14. Fat Seesaw
  15. Treads
  16. Fluctuation
  17. Folders
  18. Quick Turn
  19. Linear Seesaws
  20. Birth

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

All of these stages are set in Jungle Island. There are no bonus floors in this game.

The Beginner icon in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

The ten stages in this game are reused from previous games. The game of origin (and original title, if necessary) is noted with the title.


The Beginner icon from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

The stages take place in Monkey Island.

  1. Plain (Beginner 1 from Super Monkey Ball)
  2. WIN002 (Sine Wave from Touch & Roll)
  3. Hairpin (Beginner 3 from Super Monkey Ball)
  4. CHUTO (Chute from Step & Roll)
  5. Basic Bonus (Beginner 5 from Super Monkey Ball)
  6. Diamond Zone (Beginner 2 from Super Monkey Ball)
  7. Monkey Island 5 (World 1-5 from Banana Blitz)
  8. Sliders (Beginner 8 from Super Monkey Ball 2)
  9. Wide Bridge (Beginner 4 from Super Monkey Ball)
  10. Steps (Beginner 8 from Super Monkey Ball)