Beginner Floor 10 (called Exam A and ranked a 3/10 diffuculty rating in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the final stage of the Beginner difficulty level in Super Monkey Ball.


This floor consists of a few rectangular platforms connected by narrow bridges. More difficult variations of this floor appear as Floor 17 of Advanced and Floor 7 of Expert. The bridges get progressively harder to cross, with the first being a straight path with beveled edges, the second, a straight path without the protective edges, followed by a downward set of stairs, a set of two short parallel bridges, an upward sloped path, and finally a curved path towards the goal.


first, get out of the hole, and go forward trough the zone with beveled edges. then go across the zone without edges. go over the bump, carefully go downstairs, go trough one of the parallel bridges, go fast to cross the slope and last, balance carefully trough the curved path.

On narrow platforms, it is best to move slowly and line yourself up straight with the platform before speeding across. Special care must be taken on the curved path leading towards the goal.

Many of the rectangular platforms are close enough together, allowing the player to jump across them and skip large parts of the floor. For example, the first two bridges can be skipped by immediately turning right at the start of the floor. If the monkey has sufficient speed, it is even possible to jump over the large gap following the platform and completely skip the stairs and the sloped bridge.

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