Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Previous Stage

Birth (Beginner EX 10) is the 10th and final stage in Beginner Extra, making it the 20th and final stage in Beginner.


This stage is made up of two parts.The first is a platform looking a bit like a triangle without a center. The second is a large ramp that has a globe at the top. The start platform has a play switch and a fast-forward switch. A pause switch is on the right side of the triangle. The left side rises over the ramp. A small platform is on the right some way up the ramp, where the goal is. When the level is played, cubes fall out of the globe, tumble down the ramp, and fall off (the speed depends on which switch is on). Pressing the pause switch causes the cubes to freeze.


This stage has only one goal: a Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

This goal is a little difficult. First, go forward to the intersection and head right. Turn left at the corner and hit the pause switch. Go back to the intersection and keep going forward. Turn at the corner and go onto the ramp. Go up (towards the globe), and turn right when you reach the side platform. From there, just go forward, and you've reached the goal!


  • This is the first level in Challenge Mode to not be in Story Mode.
  • This is the last level in Beginner Extra.

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