The Boiling Pot is World 6 of Super Monkey Ball 2's Story Mode. It takes place in an area called the Adventure Forest.

World Description

Adventure Forest is a dense forest filled with trees that Dr. Bad-Boon set up a place to be with MeeMee. An ancient temple can be seen in the background of the cutscene. There is a pot filled with foods sch as radishes and fish as well as some stakes tied together. Stages are placed above the pot and is where your monkey will fall into if a Fall Out is performed.

Story Mode

The stages in this level are rather hard, though there are much harder ones. This level is where the game starts to get pretty tricky.

Purpose In story

After the monkeys enter Dr. Bad-Boon's hideout in Keekee Island, he uses a ray gun to shrink them. He then takes them out to the forest and asks MeeMee to marry him. She says she'd rather stay small. Angered, Bad-Boon attempts to cook the other 3 monkeys, but MeeMee enters his nostril and makes him sneeze. Later, after many hours of searching, Bad-Boon feels that he gets too smelly and takes a bath while AiAi & friends follow him.

Challenge Mode

This stage hold the World 4 stages in advanced and one-half of the World 5 stages in expert.

Advanced Stages

Expert Stages


  • This is the only stage where the monkeys do not chant the magical spell "Ei-Ei-Poo" in the end of the cutscene.


The soundtrack in this world can be listened to here:

Boiling Pot
Super Monkey Ball 2 OST - World 6 - Boiling Pot