The Boiling Pot is World 6 of Super Monkey Ball 2's Story Mode. It takes place in an area called the Adventure Forest.

World DescriptionEdit

The stages in this stage are tan-colored with some mahogany color. The stages reside over a black kettle filled with vegetables and boiling water. Steam rises up to the stages. Trees can be seen in the distance.

Story ModeEdit

The stages in this level are rather hard, though there are much harder ones. This level is where the game starts to get pretty tricky.

Purpose In storyEdit

After the monkeys enter Dr. Bad-Boon's hideout in the Theme Park, he uses a ray gun to shrink them. He then takes them out to the forest and asks MeeMee to marry him. She says she'd rather stay small. Angered, Bad-Boon attempts to cook the other 3 monkeys, but MeeMee enters his nostril and makes him sneeze. Later, after many hours of searching, Bad-Boon feels that he gets too smelly and takes a bath while AiAi & friends follow him.

Challenge ModeEdit

This stage hold the World 4 stages in advanced and one-half of the World 5 stages in expert.

Advanced StagesEdit

21. Pro Skaters

22. Giant Comb

23. Beehive

24. Dynamic Maze

25. Triangle Holes

26. Launchers

27. Randomizer

28. Coin Slots

29. Seesaw Bridges

30. Arthropod

Expert StagesEdit

6. Jump Machine

7. Zigzag Slope

8. Tower

9. Toggle


  • This is the only stage where the monkeys do not chant in the cutscene before setting off.


Boiling Pot
Super Monkey Ball 2 OST - World 6 - Boiling Pot