Beginner Floor 5


Time Limit
Beginner - 60 seconds
Advanced / Expert - 30 seconds
Monkey Island (Banana Splitz)
Next Floor
Beginner 6 / Advanced 6 / Expert 6
Edge (Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)
Diamond Zone (Banana Splitz)
Previous Floor
Beginner 4 / Advanced 4 / Expert 4
Floaters (Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)
CHUTO (Banana Splitz)

Floor 5 (Bonus Basic in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe; Basic Bonus in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz) is the first bonus stage in the original game and the only one to appear in all difficulty levels. The floor has a total of 50 Bananas.


This stage is made of two squares connected by a wide rectangle. The second square is smaller. One banana is in the small square. The larger square has 48 bananas aranged in two square-shaped patterns. The last banana is in the center of the banana squares.

The floor is exactly the same in Advanced and Expert, except that you have 30 less seconds to collect as much bananas as possible.

Perfect Score TutorialEdit

Clear the ouside banana square and the inside square. Then go through the center banana straight to the last one!


This showcases the versions of the floor throughout the series.

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