The Bubbly Washing Machine is a world from Super Monkey Ball 2's Story Mode. Succeeding the Boiling Pot and preceding the Clock Tower Factory, it is the seventh level in the game's Story Mode, and it takes place, as the name suggests, above Dr. Bad-Boon's washing machine.

Background DescriptionEdit

Below the stages in this world, you can see the washing machine churning. It takes place outside of an oriental-style home, surrounded by bamboo trees. Close to the washing machine is a sauna. Dr. Bad-Boom is seen walking into the sauna before and after the world is complete, though he is not seen in the actual stages. The platforms in the stages are tiled, with orange on the top, and green on the bottom.

Story ModeEdit

As the player is getting closer to the end of the game, the levels in this world are fairly difficult, but the challenge is still far from over.


Role in StoryEdit

The monkeys enter the washing machine in hopes of sneaking into Dr. Bad-Boon's clothes. After the world is finished, they force Bad-Boon to change them into normal size by tickling him inside his clothes. He flees, and he is chased into the Clock Tower Factory.

Challenge ModeEdit

The Bubbly Washing Machine plays host to stages 21-29 of ''[[Super Monkey Ball 2|Super Monkey Ball 2's]]'' Expert Course. It is actually the only world to share the same levels between story mode and adventure mode, except for Quick Turn, which is instead replaced by the Bonus Stage Banana Hunting.

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