A Bumper is a type of obstacle found in both Main Game and Monkey Race in the Super Monkey Ball series.


If a monkey touches it, they bounce back away from it, sometimes knocking them off the edge or falling off the stage, but if GonGon touches the bumper, it will disappear. Sometimes, they're useful for going another direction. They can also sometimes be mobile, moving in a set pattern. An example is Expert Stage 36: Speedy Jam in Super Monkey Ball.

Super BumpersEdit

Exclusive to Super Monkey Ball 3D, these are red glowing bumpers that propel the player forward quickly. Generally, the monkey will be pushed off the stage if touched. One of the few times the monkey stays on is Smart Ball, where the bumpers mimmick a pinball starter.


Pre-Banana BlitzEdit

Bumpers in Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 are small poles with a ring around them.

Banana Blitz & onEdit

Bumpers in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz are wood-colored poles with a dark brown ring that has beige domes on it.

Super BumpersEdit

Super Bumpers are brown poles with a two blue rings and warning light on top. There are still the beige domes on the side.

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