Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
28 (8 single, 2 Bunches)
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Hairpin (DX Story Mode)
Previous Stage
Escalators (DX Story Mode)

Bumpy (World 1-3 and Beginner Floor 3) is the third floor of Jungle Island and the third floor of Beginner in Super Monkey Ball 2 Challenge Mode.


The stage is split up like a checkerboard with a small wall where two squares meet and randomly placed bumps. There are 8 Bananas and 2 Banana Bunches.


There is one goal in this level: the blue goal.

Blue GoalEdit

This Blue Goal is also an easy one. Move straight and continue to do so until you are next to the goal. Wait for your monkey to drop down and then head into the goal.


  • There are small, seemingly random bumps throughout the stage. From above, the bumps are revealed to be braille, and they read "Hi! This is Jamad. That's right. Braille alphabet. I respect you!!" "Jamad" is a nickname for Junichi Yamada, the game's stage design director.

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