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Centrifugal is the first stage of Master in both Super Monkey Ball 2's and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's challenge modes.


The stage resembles a massive, rotating bowl without a bottom. The goal is located in the second section from the top, using the lines as dividers. The bowl constantly rotates in a strange manner, requiring you to travel backward in order to stay on.

Goal TutorialEdit

There is one goal in this stage, the Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

The goal is located along the second section and is rotating along with the stage. You'll want to fall into the stage and make your way up to the second layer, and start going backwards. Zoom the map into its closest setting and keep moving backward, tilting to stay in the second zone. When the goal appears on your display, move into it. Take care not to move into the top zone, or else you will come zooming out.

Other StrategiesEdit

Time StrategyEdit

You can do the stage slightly faster by falling off the platform at the 55th second, and then doing what you normally do with the stage. Note that you'll want to fall off at exactly the start of that time, or you'll go right past the goal. This will get you to the goal at about the 45th second as opposed to normally getting it at around the 37th.

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