The Challenge Mode icon in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Challenge Mode
(Also called Normal Mode) is a mode in Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. It also appears in other games in slighty different versions. It is made up of the Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master levels.

Challenge Mode is a part of the Main Game.

This mode is the basis of the entire Super Monkey Ball series.


The stages in Challenge Mode contain Goals. In order to pass the stage, you must guide the monkey on the stage to reach the goal.

Causing your monkey to fall out of the stage will result in losing a life. The monkey falls out if they go off the edge with no walls or get hit by a fast-moving object.

All stages have timers, being either 1 minute or 30 seconds. If the time reaches 0, you will also lose a life.

Losing all lives ends the game. If the player has any continues left, they may use one or exit the game. The game ends when the player has used up all the continues. By default, the player has 3 lives and 6 continues. This amount can change if the player uses Play Points to add continues/lives.

Completing all stages in a mode without using a continue (or losing a life in Monkey Ball or the American version of Super Monkey Ball, with the exception of Expert) unlocks the Extra Stages. Completing all the Extra Stages of Expert without using a continue unlocks the Master stages.

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