Choice appears to be a guitar, each string (from left to right) is thinner than the last, and go on a contrast from blue to red. The tougher, thinner strings have more bananas on them, and the thinnest even leads to a green goal, as apposed to a platform with a ramp (entered from the right) leading to the left to an elevated platform with a blue goal (like the rest of them do). These paths will have steep, ramped lips appear after a short amount of time, rushing the player to make a choice, as this will force them to go down the widest path, as this is the only one as wide as the ball. Each ramp has a cubicle infront of it, preventing the player fron backing out of a choice, meaning that, if the lips come up before the player has a chance to advance, the player must reset the stage. There are about 2 beams across these bridges that allow the player to change their decision mid-way through.

Similar LevelsEdit

Many other levels use this format, however this is the most styalized. These levels include: 'Tracks', 'Tiers', 'Wavy Options', 'Curvy Options' and 'Training'.

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