Clock Face

Clock Face

Super Monkey Ball 2
Master 10
Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
Master 10
Ultimate Mode
Ultimate 280

Clock face is the last stage of Super Monkey Ball 2 Challenge Mode's Master Mode..


This stage looks to be a composition of chaos, but it isn't too bad if you're quick and good at balancing. There are six layers of platforms that are rotating around the center, each decreasing in speed towards the center. There also are two thin bars resembling clock "hands" that are moving at different speeds. Finally, there are ramps at each position that would normally be an hour indicator on an analog clock. The goal is at the 12 o' clock positioned ramp (with the start platform at 6 o' clock).

Goal TutorialEdit

There are a variety of strategies to complete this stage - this is only one of them, and may not be the optimal strategy for you - so feel free to add a new strategy below this. To start, you'll want to go at a relatively slow speed so that you can get across the gap between the start platform and the initial ramp, but not too fast, or you may go off the end. Wait for the first of the two red platforms to go past (the one with bumpers), and as soon as the second one comes around, get on it and move in the direction it's going.

As soon as you can, get on the yellow platform, the blue, and so on until you get to the center of the stage - then, immediately go around at a quick pace to get onto the yellow platform closest to the hour hand. Then start progressing out the platforms in the manner described previously (although you'll be doing it in reverse) until you get to the red one. Then, position yourself so that you're in line with the ramp leading to the goal - once the blue platform comes around, get on it and move towards the ramp so you get on it. If you somehow know you won't make it, then feel free to get on to the strip of land between the ramps on either side, and then once the blue goal comes along, you can charge along it to get up the ramp and then go into the goal.

Alternatively, you can go onto the red platform and wait until it's at the opposite side instead of going through all of the other smaller platforms.

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