Expert Floor 49 (Coffee Cup and is ranked a difficulty 7 out of 10 in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is a stage in Super Monkey Ball.


The stage is made of several rotating circles of bumpers orbiting a hole in the middle of the circular stage. One ring has the goal in it. Like most expert floors it is difficult to goal.

Goal TutorialEdit

Blue GoalEdit

There is only one goal in this stage; the Blue Goal. It is encircled by a ring of bumpers and is constantly spinning around the stage. If you move forward at the start of the stage, you can go to the left, pass another ring of bumpers, slip between the bumpers around the goal and get into the goal. Be careful not to get hit by the goal bumpers.

Other StrategiesEdit

Super Monkey Ball ONLYEdit

This does not work in SMBDX. Wait until 27:90 and move forward.


This floor in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, the goal, does not at 27:00 seconds Making this floor slighty harder than the version from Super Monkey Ball.

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