Coin Slots
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Time limit
60 Seconds

Coin Slots involves several goals bouncing around in a strange structure with holes in it, that they eventually go through.


Coin Slots

The stage.

This stage consists of a large basin with it's sides cut out, in which there are holes along it's bottom. There are goals bouncing around, occasionally partially touching these slots until they go in.

Goal TutorialEdit

There are nine goals in this stage - 8 blue goals and one green goal.

Blue Goal: As you go further away from the start platform, you'll notice that the goals are actually going slower as they go back. You may want to aim to get into one of the further back ones so that you're more likely to get in. Simply approach the ribbon at the right time at a slight speed and go through to get one of them.

Green Goal: This goal can be very difficult to get, but it is possible - simply pause buffer (pause and unpause very quickly) until the timer reads 57.05, and then simply go forward. You may want to change the timing a bit depending on how well it works for you. Experimentation in practice mode is recommended for this strategy.

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