Collectibles are items in Super Monkey Ball 3D. The player recieves these in Monkey Ball, which can be done in two ways.


There are two types of collectibles: Banana Colectibles and Action Collectibles.

Banana ColectiblesEdit

Banana Collectibles are colorful bananas in transparent globes that appear in various stages. To earn these, you must touch them. Collecting one gives you 1000 points, regardless of whether you have already earned it or not. There is one in each area.

List of Banana ColectiblesEdit

  1. Jungle Banana (is in Rice Terrace)
  2. Arabian Banana (is in Large Square)
  3. Sweet Banana (is in Knife and Fork)
  4. Haunted Banana (is in Lonely Drain)
  5. Red Hot Banana (is in Great Wall)
  6. Holy Banana (is in Breakthrough)
  7. Space Banana (is in Super Slider)
  8. Giga Banana (is in Body to Body)

Action CollectiblesEdit

Action Collectibles are awarded by performing certain actions. These are awarded after completing a level/world.

List of Action CollectiblesEdit

  • Buzzer Beater-Cross the goal after the timer reaches 00.00.
  • Timekeeper-Clear all stages in a world with the same amount of seconds on the clock.
  • Banana-Phile-Earn a Banana Medal on every world except Mystic Dome.
  • Banana-Phobe-Complete a stage without collecting any bananas.
  • Cliffhanger-Complete a stage after wasting most of the time near an edge.
  • Untouchable-Complete a world without running into a wall harshly.
  • World Challenger-Play every world except Mystic Dome.
  • World Master-Earn both Bonus Medals on every world except Mystic Dome.

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