Combination is the 11th Expert stage in smb2 and is World 6-1 in story mode. This stage consists of switches, wormholes, and revolving platforms, one of which contains the goal.

Goal LocationEdit

There is only one goal in this stage. It is on one of the square platforms that moves back and forth between the 9:00 and 12:00 positions with respect to the start platform.

How to Get the GoalEdit

The square platforms revolve 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise in a checkerboard fashion about the center of the grid. The ones that have finished revolving clockwise will get lowered and begin to revolve counterclockwise. Similarly, the ones that have finished revolving counterclockwise will get raised and begin to revolve clockwise, and the cycle continues.

When you start the stage, you land directly on top of a fast-forward switch. Hold up to go into the wormhole, and turn around. Behind the upper wormhole is a small platform with a play switch. Land on the switch, and then land back onto the start platform. You can collect the banana bunch that is behind the lower wormhole. Go back into the wormhole, and head straight for the closest square platform in the 6:00 position after they all stop revolving. Make sure you get onto the one that is heading upward if you can see the goal directly ahead in the distance. Stay on the platform by following it clockwise until it stops at the 9:00 position. As the platform lowers and levels with the goal, roll in.

For an even greater challenge that will give you a better time, roll into the wormhole as soon as you start the stage, and wait in front of the rising square platform that is second to the right of the 6:00 rising platform. Once the platform is about to be level with the one you're waiting on, go onto it and head diagonally in the northwest direction, making sure you are rolling across the platforms that are going up, and enter the goal. You have to try to enter the goal without fumbling because before you know it, the platforms will begin to revolve quickly, and you'll fall out!

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