Jungle Island (Story Mode)
Space (Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Floaters (Story Mode)
Bumpy Check (Challenge Mode)
Serpentine (DX Story Mode)
Previous Stage
Switches (Story Mode)
Curve Bridge (Challenge mode)
Buoy (DX Challenge Mode)
Wide Bridge (DX Story Mode)
Replaced By

Conveyors (World 1-5 and Beginner EX 1) is the 5th level in the game and the first beginner extra stage. In Beginner challenge mode, this is moved to the extra stages so Bowl could be added.

Not to be confused with Conveyor.



The Stage In Challenge Mode.

This level appears as a large rectangle with several conveyors on it. Two (the ones in the front and back, back only in Beginner Extra) are the entire length of the rectangle. The others are very short, only a few squares wide. If the player runs over a conveyor, they are pushed away from the goal. If the player isn't at a high enough speed, they cannot reach the goal.


This level only has one goal: a blue goal.

Blue GoalEdit

In order to reach the goal, the player must continue forward after starting WITHOUT STOPPING! If you stop or turn, you will slow down and become unable to clear the last conveyor. You do not need to turn since the goal is in front of you.


  • The version in story mode does not have the long conveyor in the back of the Beginner Extra version. This makes the stage slightly easier.