For the stage in Super Monkey Ball, see Curvature (Super Monkey Ball).

Curvature is the 3rd stage of the world Wet 'N' Windy in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll. It is similar to the stage Slopes from Super Monkey Ball.

Description Edit

Like Slopes, this floor is made up of big semicircle platforms leading to others in a descending path. The monkey starts at the top platform and the goal lies at the end. The final platform has the steepest path, so be careful aiming your monkey into the goal. Bananas can be found on each of the corners of the platforms

Tutorial Edit

Go down each path and platform until you reach the goal. The further down you go, the steeper it will get, so make sure to control your speed.


When you start at the top of the floor, turn right and bounce onto the first platform, gain your control back, then do the same until you reach the platform that leads to the goal, then go down the path leading to it. Practice makes perfect at this.