Curve Bridge


Jungle Island (Story Mode)
Theme Park (Challenge Mode)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Banks (Story Mode)
Conveyors (if Extra Stages are started in Challenge Mode)

SMBDX (Challenge Mode) - Scarbous

SMBDX (Story Mode) - Hollow
Previous Stage

Curve Bridge (World 1-10 or Beginner 10; World 1-18 or Beginner 29 in Deluxe) is the 10th and last non-extra beginner level in Super Monkey Ball 2. If you completed the whole beginner without using a countinue, you will go to Beginner Extra.


This stage is a long, thick path which curves left and right every so often. There are no rails on this bar. At the end, there is a tilted bar, followed by another bar, which has the goal on it. The two tilted bars rotate so that they are at different angles every couple of seconds.

Curve Bridge in Challenge Mode.


There is only a Blue Goal in this level.

Blue GoalEdit

The Blue Goal is rather easy to reach to. Simply go forward and keep turning when you reach a corner. When you reach the moving platforms, wait for the one you are on to go up. Then, go forward, and you'll reach the goal.


  • This is one of the few stages in the game to have no bananas.
  • It's almost impossible to receive a time bonus score on this level.

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