Since August of 2016, people managed to create and import custom stages into Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2, using Dolphin Emulator. On this page, you can find all custom stages created, and how to make one on your own.

List of custom stages Edit

Here's a list of all custom stages created so far, their creators and links to videos and download screens.


Name Creator SMB1 SMB2 Video Link Download Link
Cubes Yoshi Master
Tornado Yoshi Master
Staircase Yoshi Master
MKDS Dokan Coarse Yoshi Master
Looping Nevergivingusup
Rough Fall John Sherfey
Maze A Nevergivingusup
JSE Quiz Nevergivingusup
Spiral Ramp Nevergivingusup
Gutters Nevergivingusup
Parkour Idk
Windy Super Slide Nevergivingusup
Jamaform Nevergivingusup
Pinnacle Nevergivingusup
Bonuc Check Nevergivingusup
Easy John Sherfey
Hump John Sherfey
Donuts John Sherfey
Macaroni John Sherfey
Steep Slopes John Sherfey
Descent John Sherfey
Sherfey Fall John Sherfey
Slides John Sherfey
Chip Shot Geoff
2 Step
Boing Geoff
Clip Nevergivingusup
Cup Geoff
Level 6
Floor Bent
SEGA Logo (multiple versions) Geoff, or Nevergivingusup
Chaos Fall MomentumSMB
Sudden Drop
Brain Twister
3 Rings John Sherfey
Spiral Staircase
Curvature EZ
Clockwork Toothy

Gallery Edit

How to make your own custom stagesEdit

"Somebody add a tutorial, please."

I got you fam ;^P

That's all for now! ;D. John

Trivia Edit

  • The first ever custom stage, which name is unknown, was created by Yoshimaster96smwc. He created a video on Youtube about it: Click me!
  • The first Custom Beginner was made by John Shefey: Click me!
  • The first full Super Monkey Ball 2 level was made By Tony!

Sources Edit

  • Stage names & where they appear in: Click me!

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