Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
60 (6 bunches)
Time Limit
60 seconds
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Cylinders (Master 3) is a stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 , exclusive to Challenge Mode's Master, and, in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Ultimate difficulties. This stage does not appear in Story Mode, and as such has no difficulty rating. 5Jvmm6

Cylinders. First two cylinders have a radius of 40 squares, the two cylinders at the side have a radius of 32, and the last two cylinders have a radius of 24.


The stage consists of several rotating cylinders (hence the name) - the first is located parallel to the starting platform. There is another cylinder connected to it directly that appears to be the same, but it's rotating in the opposite direction. After the first two cylinders, there is one perpendicular to them that has two smaller cylinders going off of it - these are connected by yet another cylinder, which has one going off the middle of it leading to the goal platform. Unlike most other stages, the stage faces to the right instead of forwards.

Goal Tutorial

There is one goal in this level, the blue goal.  The easiest way of completing this stage is to go back at least one "tile" on the start platform, and then go as fast as possible onto the first cylinder. Then, go to one side as you're going along, to hit the side of the adjacent cylinders. You'll go up into the air, and will still want to go forward as fast as possible, but will also want to aim for the center of what would be the last cylinder in the normal strategy. Then, continue going at a normal speed, redirecting yourself accordingly to stay in the middle of the cylinder, and then upon reaching the platform where the goal is, go right through. This can be an incredibly hard strategy to successfully execute, so you may want to consider trying it in practice mode before incorporating it into any kind of actual play-through.

The other, "intended," method of playing through the stage is to go along the cylinders while going slowly forward and in the opposite direction of the way they're turning. It may sound simple, but try actually playing it - you'll find it's not as easy as it sounds.