Detour is the 18th Expert stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 and is World 6-8 in Story Mode. This stage consists of a long straight platform that leads perpendicularly to a steeply inclined platform. This is one of the stages with wormholes.

Goal LocationsEdit

There are two goals in this stage. The blue goal can be found on the left (towards the top) of the inclined platform. The green goal is located on a smaller inclined platform to the right and behind the main inclined platform. There are two banana bunches on the green goal platform.

How to Get to Each GoalEdit

Blue Goal

When you approach the inclined platform, bear right and roll into the wormhole, which will teleport you to the top of the incline. Position yourself in-line with the goal and roll in. If you miss it, you can always roll back down to the wormhole and try again.

Green Goal

Roll into the wormhole. Upon teleportation, bear to the left of the platform and go off the ramp. Position yourself in the air and bounce into the goal.