Domes is the 6th advanced extra Stage in Super Monkey Ball 2.


This stage consists of a platform with domes on it.



The blue goal is the only goal in this level.

Blue GoalEdit

You have to get past the domes. Go over them and you'll eventually reach the goal. This, however, is very tricky.

If you roll up on the sides of the stage, right then left, then go to the rightmost column of domes, keep your speed, and if you hit it at the right angle, you will be able to hit one a second time, and hit it in the middle column, and if you hit THAT at the right angle, you will bounce into the goal, also getting the banana bunch.

There is, however, a very easy way of beating Domes. The moment you spawn, do not move and pause the game, look at the timer - if it says 59.88 on the timer, hold up before unpausing and then unpause the game. Run straight forward, you will go straight into the goal, it may seem like you will hit the goal post but you will not.

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