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Domino is the 24th expert floor of Super Monkey Ball 2 (World 7-4), and it is also the 43rd expert level of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.


The main platform of Domino has a domino set all set up across the platform that only fall over once the play switch has been activated, otherwise the dominoes would appear floating above the platform. The bananas can all be found along the far edge of the platform in a line. The last domino on the line contains the Goal, and if you aren't quick enogh it will fall off of the stage.


The only Goal in this stage is a Blue Goal

Blue GoalEdit

The Blue Goal as previously mentioned lies inside of the final domino in the line, and can only easily be accessed by pressing the play switch, allowing the Goal to be on the ground. The ribbon itself is floating above a hole and must be done by going quickly into it. To make it to the Goal before it falls, it is easier to take the left path around the dominoes as it takes a while for the dominoes to fall in that spot.


  • If you wait until the Goal falls off of the platform, the entire platform will tilt in such a way it is impossible to survive in, and it also brings all fallen dominoes down with you as well.