Dr. Bad-Boon's Base is a world in Super Monkey Ball 2. It is an arena used for the World 10 of Story Mode and Extra levels in Main Game, and a battlefield in Monkey Dogfight.


This world is a large circular arena made mostly out of circuit boards. There is one pillar with batteries circling inside it.

Main GameEdit

Story ModeEdit

The arena contains the mode's last ten levels, which are exclusive to Story Mode. Most of these are puzzles and/or mazes. This is also extremely hard and is one of the toughest worlds in the game.


Purpose in StoryEdit

Dr. Bad Boon escapes to his hideout here to get his ultimate revenge: a laser beam that makes all bananas taste like curry. The monkeys follow him into the area and destroy the charging beam. Bad Boon lands on Monkey Island, surrenders, and falls unconcious. The bananas he stole later come out of his labryinth.

Challenge ModeEdit

This world hosts half of the extra stages, as well as half of the master stages.

Beginner StagesEdit

  1. Fluctuation
  2. Folders
  3. Quick Turn
  4. Linear Seesaws
  5. Birth

Advanced StagesEdit

  1. Domes
  2. Amida Lot
  3. Long Slider
  4. Grid Bridge
  5. Teapot

Master StagesEdit

  1. Intermittent
  2. Long Torus
  3. Spasmodic
  4. Double Twin
  5. Clock Face

Extra StagesEdit

  1. Variable Width
  2. Striker
  3. Ooparts
  4. Planets
  5. Sliced Cheese
  6. 8 Seesaws
  7. Synchronized
  8. Helix
  9. Dizzy System
  10. Nintendo


  • In Monkey Dogfight, you can fly to its crevasses and exit the stage as a result of a glitch.


Dr. Bad-Boon's Base
Super Monkey Ball 2 OST - World 10 - Dr Bad Boons

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