Dr. Bad-Boon's Assistant is a quiet primate, who underwrites Dr. Bad Boon's operations.

Role in gamesEdit

Bad-Boon's assistant is quiet and goes along with everything Bad-Boon says. He is faithful and would never leave Bad-Boon's side, even though Bad-Boon would desert him if it were the other way around.

Official ProfilesEdit

Super Monkey Ball 2 Instruction Booklet: An ape without words. Other than being Dr. Bad-Boon's assistant, everything about him is covered with mystery. Even Dr. Bad-Boon doesn't know his name. Like a shadow, he follows Dr. Bad-Boon wherever he goes. Cold-hearted Dr. Bad-Boon would leave him behind and escape, but he still continues to be his assistant without any complaints. He appears to be very frightening, but in reality he is very bashful.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Website: This huge, silent gorilla quietly does Dr. Bad-Boon's bidding without question. He is mysterious, sinister and very, very big. AiAi and his pals are right to fear him.