Expert Floor 7


Difficulty Group
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
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Expert Floor 7 (Exam-C in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the 7th Expert stage in Super Monkey Ball.

The stage is a harder version of Exam-A (Beginner 10) and Exam-B (Advanced 17). This stage is one of the most famous in the Super Monkey Ball Franchise for being extremely difficult despite being one of the first Expert stages, resulting in a harsh difficulty curve. Overall this stage is one of the most difficult in the game, and possibly of the franchise.

This floor is given a 10/10 rating on Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.


You must move quickly to deal with the time limit (60 seconds).

  1. Move forward onto the narrow ramp. As long as you go straight from the starting point, you won't fall off. Control your speed carefully or you will fall off once you get off the ramp.
  2. Align yourself with the narrow peak and move forward quickly. If you don't go fast enough, you won't make it to the top. Take care not to fall off on the platform afterwards.
  3. Align yourself with the stairway and quickly go down. Don't go too fast or you will fall off the platform at the end.
  4. Run through the checkered floor quickly but carefully, or if you're skilled enough, build speed and run over it on one of the sides.
  5. This is the most difficult part of the level. Carefully try to move along the narrow path to the goal. It's patience-testingly difficult, especially in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, where the controllers have no notches on the edges where the Control Stick can rest into.


Ever wonder why such a hair-pullingly difficult stage was put in this early in the game? In advertisements from 2001, you can see that Exam-C was originally intended to be a Master stage. It was replaced with Stamina Master, a much harder version of this stage.