Exclusive is only available in the PSP version of Super Monkey Ball Adventure, when you complete Beginner, Advanced and Expert stages, These stages are not in other consoles

Stages Edit

Stage 1 - Spindle Edit

In this stage, the player must move across a spinning platform to reach the goal

Stage 2 - Ever Decreasing Edit

This stage resembles a target radar, move across the "radar", and reach the middle with balance,

Stage 3 - Sissi Edit

The player must roll across a curve half pipe to reach the goal

Stage 4 - Whirlpool Edit

A whirlpool like half pipe with holes, fall into one of them, but be careful or lose momentum,

Stage 5 - Drag and Drop Edit

This stage strangely resembles a headphone, keep your balance on the narrow path, fall into the hole, and be careful on the spinning platform with a goal

Stage 6 - Mesmerise Edit

At the circular platform, parts keep moving, except for the middle one with a goal, This is easy as long as you do more practice

Stage 7 - Capture the Flag Edit

This stage involves long lines connected to look like a wavy platform, Near the goal, be careful or fall off,

Stage 8 - Fright Rings Edit

This stage has spinning ring platforms that change movement, Be careful on these rings and reach the goal,

Stage 9 - Whirling Dervishes Edit

Spinning octagonal platforms with starfish like walls, Go across the stage, stop on the wall section until you reach the desired path, Do this until you are near the goal,

Stage 10 - Stranded Edit

A long stage, Run across the turn, balance on the narrow paths, and continue running until you reach the goal

Stage 11 - Spinner A Edit

This stage involves 2 spinning platforms, keep your balance on it

Stage 12 - Corkscrew Edit

A spinning spiral platform, It somewhat resembles Freewheeler except that the path to the goal is shortened and some squares are removed, Keep your balance on this stage, as this stage is somewhat hard

Stage 13 - Follow the Leader Edit

This has a lot of rings and tilted platforms, It is more harder, and you have to be careful

Stage 14 - Roundabout Edit

This is a half pipe with several platforms, Gain speed to reach the part of the half pipe, or you can just go across the border and reach the goal

Stage 15 - Ring Goal Edit

As the stage's name suggests, it is a stage with goals placed on rings, To complete this, stay on the goal platform, and hit the goal when it's in the middle, A better way is just go on the sides and reach the goal if it's near you,

Trivia Edit

  • Drag and drop is a pointing device gesture in which a user drags a virtual object to another location
  • Capture the flag is an outdoor game where teams have a flag and the goal is to capture the other team's flag
  • Follow the leader is the name of a children's game
  • Whirling Dervishes is another name for the Mevlevi Order
  • Ever Decreasing's name is taken from a comedy series Ever Decreasing Circles

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