Expert Floor 16 has no level similar to it. It is one of the most difficult ones as you have to cross lots of slanted holes and the goal is in a difficult position to get into it. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this floor is given an 8 out of 10 difficulty rating and is named Floor Slant.


The goal is at the far corner of the board in a tricky position. Because of this, the floor is quite difficult.

Goal Strategy Edit

With pause buffering, this level can be cleared pretty easily as long as you have proper timing. In order to do so, hold Up+Left as soon as the level starts, then pause between 59:20-59:28, ideally in the middle as 59:25 gives the best results. With the direction still held, change to Up+Right and unpause, you will land safely and bump directly into the goal. Other timings requires proper adjustment of your stick position to properly land in the goal.