Expert floor 1

HNI 0081

Time limit
Super Monkey Ball/Deluxe-Jungle

Story Mode-Boiling Pot

Super Monkey Ball: Touch and roll-Tempest Storm (Deception)
Banana Count
Next Stage
Expert Floor 2

Expert Floor 1 (This floor is given a 2 out of 10 difficulty rating and is named Ruin in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the first floor in the Expert difficulty of Super Monkey Ball 1, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Description Edit

The floor is like the first levels, but there are gaps in it, the stage looks like a wrench, and there are bananas near the gaps, A goal is located behind the second gap

Tutorial Edit

The only goal here is a blue goal

Blue Goal Edit

Avoid the gaps and reach the goal, As for beginners, go straight to the goal,

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