Expert Floor 1

HNI 0081

Time limit
Super Monkey Ball/Deluxe-Jungle

Story Mode-Boiling Pot

Super Monkey Ball: Touch and roll-Tempest Storm (Deception)
Banana Count
Next Stage

Expert Floor 1 (This floor is given a 2 out of 10 difficulty rating and is named Ruin in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the first floor in the Expert difficulty of Super Monkey Ball 1, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe


The floor is like the first levels, but there are gaps in it, the stage looks like a wrench, and there are bananas near the gaps, A goal is located behind the second gap


The only goal here is a blue goal

Blue Goal

Avoid the gaps and reach the goal, As for beginners, go straight to the goal,

Floor 50 and 9999 Play Points Glitch

There is a glitch that skips all the other 49 floors of the level and warps you directly to floor 50 without actually sending you to the true Floor 50 instantly giving 9999 Play Points to the player, interestingly, if the player uses a continue and executes this glitch the game thinks you cleared the floors without using continues and warps you to the Expert-Extra Levels. However, the same glitch doesn't happen if you use a continue during Expert-Extra because your game will end on Expert-EX 10. The glitch triggers If the player gets to the goal at the same frame the timer reaches zero. There should be many ways to achieve this, but the player Jcool114 managed to execute it during a speedrun with these steps. First, do nothing and wait until the timer reaches 2:00 and go forward to the goal, then at 0:16 hold Down+Left and the glitch should happen. Though I have tested it and sometimes you don't reach the goal so it is worth more testing to see if there is a more consistent method to execute it. It is advisable to use pause buffer as the timings needs to be frame perfect otherwise it may be difficult to get the proper inputs in real time. It is unknown if this Floor Skips Glitch also work on the First Floor of the Beginner and Advanced Levels, respectively.