Expert Floor 22 (Super Monkey Ball)


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Expert Floor 22 (called SEGA LOGO in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is the 22nd floor you're encounter in the Expert difficulty on Challenge Mode. The thing that makes this floor pretty tricky and complicated is that it depends on the speed and route you are taking. This is a unique stage because it is played on a SEGA logo. This floor will take some time to master and this floor does require both luck and skills in order to complete.

Blue GoalEdit

The Blue Goal is the only goal in this stage.

The traditional way to get to the goal is to go down the ramp and keep up a moderate speed while bouncing from letter to letter. This can be difficult because of the holes between each letter.

Another, slightly less common way (but certainly faster) is to go down the ramp quickly, turn right and move along the bottom of the S, then hit the side of the E and get bounced all the way to A. This requires a lot of speed to pull off.

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