Expert floor 35 (Twist & Spin) is a prototype of Soft Cream from Super Monkey Ball 2, this is basically the same except it is slower and has no switches, keep a slightly slow consistent speed the hole time and you'll make it. Alternatively, you can just hold Up on your Stick as soon as the level starts, then, at the moment you land in the twister-spinner, change your direction to Up+Left, as soon as you jump over the first uphill slant, change your direction to Up+Right and adjust your momentum accordingly to maintain balance. This method can be done with pause buffering but I don't feel it is needed as with practice you can properly do without it and you can also land from the starting platform to the twister-spinner from a wide variety of angles if Straight Up doesn't work for you, you can try approaching from the left or from the right, while the best results for me are approaching straight from the center and from the right side of the floor.

In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this floor is named Twist & Spin and is given a 6 out of 10 difficulty rating.

There is a banana under the starting platform in the center of the spinning spiral that cannot be collected. If you fall off near end of the starting platform, a well-timed pause or replay will make it easier to view.