Expert Floor 37 (Quake) Edit

This floor is a trampoline-like stage with many ways to beat it, it is quite difficult it's best to make it over the gaps between the platforms, also the goal is rather difficult to make it to, try moving slowly before the goal. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this floor is named Quake and is given a 7 out of 10 difficulty rating.

Goal Strategy Edit

With pause buffer, this stage is really easy to clear. Hold Up on your analog stick as soon as the level starts, you will be inmediately sent flying in the air with a little deviation to the left, this is normal, then, you want to pause while holding your direction still Up after you land and collide with one of the rising platforms, that should happen between 27:65-27:75, ideally pausing on 27:70, then change your direction to Up+Left and unpause, it will seem like you will bounce away from the goal, but you will actually make through it.

Alternatively, if time isn't an issue you can just hold Up on your stick as soon as the level starts, then aim exactly in the corner next to the goal platform. This is a much safer method and doesn't need timing, you will land on the corner next to the platform that connects with the goal and because the platform won't be high enough your momentum will completely stop, thus making it 100% safe to do.