Expert Floor 4

HNI 0085

Time Limit
Super Monkey Ball-Jungle

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe-Jungle Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll-Ice Lolly Land

Story Mode-Boiling Pot

Expert Floor 4 (Excursion in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe and is given a 5 out of 10 difficulty rating) is one of the first 1-10 floors expert floors. This floor features moving platforms, bumpers, and thin paths. You have to use the moving platforms, hop the gap, get past the bumpers without falling, and rolling on the thin path, and then your monkey can get to the goal.

Something notable about this level is that the thin pathway at the end is made ever harder by the lens flare as part of the background. It makes the path hard to see, and will often lead to Fall-Outs.

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