Expert Floor 6

HNI 0086

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Dodecagon is the 6th expert floor in Super Monkey Ball, It's not really a dodecagon, It's just a group of small moving blocks. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this floor is given a 6 out of 10 difficulty rating.

Description Edit

The blocks have holes on it, They move and disassemble into small blocks, 4 bananas are placed inside the blocks, There are L shaped platforms with a goal on one of it, A banana bunch is placed on 2 of them

Goals Edit

Blue Goal Edit

To get to the goal, move to the small blocks, wait until it assembles and run into the other blocks, Do not move fast, Get into another L platform, after that, wait until the squares disassemble and stay there and run into the goal after it assembles,

Trivia Edit

  • The blocks resemble part of the Sierpinski carpet,
  • There are 24 bananas in the Deluxe version, however, there are 25 in Super Monkey Ball 1

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