Expert Floor 8 (named Skeleton in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe) is a harder version of Slopes, with much thinner slopes and large rectangular holes in the platforms between each slope. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's Story Mode, this stage gets a 6/10 difficulty rating.

Expert Floor 8 (Skeleton)
Difficulty Group
Banana Count
(To be added soon)
Time Limit
30 Seconds
World Records
Next Stage
Tracks (Super Monkey Ball/Deluxe)

Description Edit

Skeleton starts off much like Slopes, with each slope you go down getting progressively more smaller and steeper, however on the platforms between each slope now feature large rectangular holes, with outlining sides that get thinner and thinner with each platform you cross.

Tutorial Edit

Blue Goal Edit

Just like Slopes, simply head down each slope until you get to the goal, though since the lines start off much smaller, take it easy, especially whenever it comes to the sections in between platforms and the last few slopes. However, since you only have 30 seconds to beat this stage, speed will also have to taken into great consideration too. Also take care whenever you're going down that last slope too. Too much speed will result in you flying straight off the stage.

Strategies Edit

Right when the stage starts, turn your ball to the side and pull back, then charge off and time your landing correctly on the adjacent platform. Repeat this process again of leaping to the adjacent lower platform, however it will be more difficult due to them being more far apart, so add some more speed to your charge, while still being careful with your landing, and you will have just pretty much skipped most of the stage. All that will be left to do is to go down that last slope that leads to the goal.

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