Expert Extra Floor 3 (known as Hard Hitter in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe), is a level in Super Monkey Ball. It is a more difficult version of Beginner Extra 2 (Hitter) and is also Advanced Extra Floor 2..


This stage is very similar to Beginner Extra 2. It is a flat, square-shaped stage with five bananas across from the starting point. The goal is in a large square wall which constantly spins around and moves across the stage. It spins so fast, a hit is an almost guaranteed fall out.


DO NOT move right away. Instead, wait until about 23:18-23:75 to move forward. Timing is everything in this stage- wait until the wall is moving a little slower and don't hesitate to made it inside of the goal. Don't worry if you miss it the first time you attempt to, just wait for the wall to slow and try again.