Extra Expert 4 is a big level, it resembles a ferris wheel, which it gives the floor's name in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. The map may be useful in this stage, it requires a bit of practice.

Goal Strategy Edit

With pause buffering you can reach the goal in less than 5 seconds. Hold Up on the Analog Stick as soon as the level starts, then aim to pause between 29:15 and 29:51, ideally in 29:40-29:45 which I feel it gives the best results for me, change to Up+Left and jump off aiming to land in the Goal Platform. Once you learn the timing is very easy to reach the goal consistently with this method.

Condensed instructions: 30:00 Hold Up, 29:15-29:51, hold Up+Left, then after jumping the platform hold Down and aim to land in the goal platform.