Extra Expert 9, also called Sanctuary in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is probably the hardest floor in Extra Expert. It's similar to Planets from Super Monkey Ball 2, there are 8 sphere shaped platforms that get smaller until you get to the last one. The size of the ball with the goal is the same size as the platform with the red goal in planets from SMB2. strangely similar in fact. Often, players may hit the Party Ball rather than the tape. Trust me, just go for broke.

Goal Strategy Edit

Go to the edge of the main platform that is the farthest in relation to the goal. Align up to the center of the goal and try to go in a straight line without moving too much building the largest amount of speed you can do until the 4th bounce (let's assume bounce as the meaty-like sound the ball does when it hits/crashes with floor, after bouncing for the 4th time, QUICKLY flick your stick DOWN, then UP at a fast pace. With one flick from DOWN to UP should be enough to get aligned with the goal, is important to know that this only works when you build enough speed from the farthest edge of the main platform and doing so from the closest edge or in the middle area will not work. With enough practice, this level can be cleared consistently with this method, which can be a lifesaver to reach the Master Levels.