F-GonGon's artwork.

F-GonGon is an alternate version of GonGon featured in Super Monkey Ball 3D. According to his bio in Monkey Race, he is "mechanically modified monkey." The F likely stands for Frankenstein, judging by his appearance

To UnlockEdit

Monkey Race - Complete the Mt. Tyrano Grand Prix and come in 3rd place.

Monkey Fight - Finish the Hidden series and come in 1st place.

Monkey Fight StatisticsEdit

The following are F-GonGon's statistics in Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight.

Power: 5

Speed: 1

Jump: 2

Special AttackEdit

F-GonGon's special attack is called Barbell of Thunder. In it, he brings forth electricity from his body to create a large electric column.


Shock them with your lightning!

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